What’s unique about WordArt?

The personal, creative touch provided by Mary Scheidegger and her team of talented professionals makes WordArt unique — Mary brings an extensive background and a freestyle of thinking that provides her clients with a uniquely personal and creative touch. As a web developer Mary is focused on creating a professional online image that captures the essence of your business and identifies what makes it unique. Her experience and education combines technological expertise with an artistic spirit… and the results are remarkable. A website is only part of a good overall marketing strategy… Differentiating yourself in the marketplace is key to your success. WordArt can help you get there by developing a custom website that features what’s special about your business and appeals to your market. She can use the logo and graphic elements from your existing marketing materials, or develop a new look and feel – a memorable brand that will serve you for years to come. WordArt makes sure your website makes you dazzle. They make sure your web-presence enhances and enriches your goals ~ and to that end, will take some time getting to know each other, to fully understand you and your business/organization. Once the purpose(s) of your website (and yes, each website is unique in its purpose) has been identified, the best part of the project can begin!

Longevity and Reputation!

When you choose WordArt, you are choosing experience. Since 1997, WordArt has been helping businesses of all sizes develop and implement effective online marketing strategies. Mary has established a professional network with other web and marketing professionals. When a project requires specific programming or configuring in addition to the services we offer, she will pull together the talents of hand-picked professionals to get each unique job done right the first time. WordArt is as great as the team she has assembled. But let’s be frank here… what good is a beautiful site if no one sees it? Why would you invest good money into a promotional tool (such as a website) and not do all you can to ensure it is seen by the right people (and the right search engine bots)? This is where WordArt stands out! Mary provides valuable and practical tips and tools, to help you make the most of promoting your business to your identified target market. After all, that is why you are promoting online right? (do you know who your target market even is?) WordArt can help with that too!

WordArt is absolutely dedicated to service, collaboration, and communication throughout each step of the creative process. Whether you need help with design, e-commerce or internet marketing, you can count on us for the lifespan and success of your business

Helping others succeed